Wow... Just Wow...

Robert Byrd compares the ending of judicial filibusters to Haman's plot to kill the Jews!

Radioblogger has the audio, along with some remarks on the context. After listening to it, I can understand why everyone in the Senate looks permanently bored out of their minds. Sen. Byrd hasn't a single coherent thought in the whole rambling bloviation. But listening to Sen. Byrd say "Ahaas-yu-ei-rus" is worth the time. There is nothing I can possibly say that will do justice to the clip.

As an aside, I think that elected officials should be tested for aging-related neurological disorders. I'm not sure Sen. Byrd is playing with a full deck.


Asher Litwin said...

I dunno whether he is crazy or not, but he deinitely knows how to filibuster. Damn, he can go on and on with complete inanity and fiddle his vocal cords one hell of a long note... after note... after note... yeeesh. No wonder he want s to keep the filibuster.

Anonymous said...

Just like that idiot senator Strom Thurmond who served until he was 100, right?