As I was moving out of my room, a student I know was going with a security guard to get into his room, which was locked at the time (He had forgotten a few things that he needed to get out of the room). While I was locking up my room, I overhear the security guard say, "You going to leave all the lights on like that?" (Bear in mind, this is over summer vacation.)

The student answered, "Sure, why should I worry about it? I don't pay the electrical bill, do I?"


What kind of ignorant $#!+ is that!? I knew he was a bit of a jerk before now, but what could possibly be going through the guy's mind to make him waste a ton of electricity (which the school is paying for) because he can't be bothered to turn off a lightswitch, while he can be bothered to make a smart-alecky remark about how much of a jerk he's being?


Anyhoo, time to get out of here. Shabbat shalom!

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