Some time ago, I first was directed to this "documentary" set in 2014 predicting how news would end up being produced in the Internet age. The main focus is on Google's automated news aggregator; but I'll let you see the rest for yourself.

The piece is becoming more and more pertinent, given that Google has occasionally used as source material websites promoting neo-Nazism, communism, and various extremisms, while at the same time refusing to include material from more conservative sites such as Little Green Footballs for alleged racism. Now Powerline reports that they're at it again. Apparently, someone is upset that Jews are holding Holocaust memorials in Germany. That someone also seems to approve of the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe. Google's service appears not to mind.

There is too much data out there for any person to read alone. It must be organized; but organization implies evaluation. The gatekeepers of information will always be the true powers of the world.

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