This Could Get Interesting...

British MP and tyrannophile George Galloway has been rather cross lately, after Senator Norm Coleman's committee investingating the Oil-for-Food mess accused him of accepting vouchers for 20 million barrels of oil from Iraq. After Galloway claimed that he had demanded to testify to the committee, Coleman responded by publicly inviting him to the hearing scheduled for May 17. Now, Galloway is taking him up on it.

Galloway had been a member of the Labour Party, but was thrown out after he accused Tony Blair of dishonestly prosecuting the war on Iraq, among other things. He then formed his own Respect Party, and won reelection against the black Jewish woman Oona King (a Labourite who supported the war) in a campaign that saw some really nasty racist politics in a district with a large Arab bloc. In at least one incident, Ms. King was assaulted by an Arab gang. Mark Steyn commented on election night that "I think there's no doubt that, under cover of "anti-Zionism", there's now an explicit anti-Jewish component to the political scene."

Galloway has a long history of kissing up to murderers and dictators, especially if they are anti-British, anti-American, or especially anti-Israel. George Orwell would have had a field day eviscerating him in print, I'm sure.

Galloway vs. Coleman. I hope somebody gets a good video feed, because things are going to be very nasty.

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