US Military Stretched Thin?

Apparently the Pentagon has described in general terms a classified report to Congress which states that our deployment to Iraq is straining our resources and may impede efforts to, ahem, respond to new threats (for example, Iran?).

My question is why such a report was issued now, and why, if it is classified, was a description given to the press? My only conclusion is that this must be part of a diplomatic game of some sort. We are signaling that we have no intention of expanding military operations any time soon, certainly not in the next year.

What is the purpose of doing so? Either we are trying to get certain countries to calm down, or else we might be trying to get them to overextend themselves in the mistaken belief of our weakness. I have no idea which is the case, nor do I know who the target is. But the timing of this strikes me as very fishy. We'll probably get a clearer picture of what's going on in a few months.

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