Sen. Clinton Finance Director Goes to Trial

I can't say I'm terribly shocked. I'm sure this sort of money laundering goes on all the time, in campaigns on all sides of the political spectrum. It really is absurd to try to categorize political donations; money is fungible, after all, and numbers in a ledger can easily be tweaked.

The rewards for cheating are high. Money is the lifeblood of political campaigns, and there is no way to change that. Even if all campaign donations were banned tomorrow, and were replaced by public debates and free airtime, "independent activists" would spring up to do the dirty work that campaigns need. Plato would say that a law that is being broken more often than not should be repealed, since it is ineffective and is only leading to contempt of the legal system.

That said, what David Rosen did was illegal. And I'm sure that this will complicate Ms. Hillary's ambitions for the presidency. The thing I find most alarming is that so many of the principal actors are also involved in securities fraud, defrauding charities, prostitution, and money laundering. Bad enough that the last President Clinton was connected to this sort of scum; do we really need a second one?

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