State of the Union

I unfortunately missed the President's State of the Union address, but from all accounts it was the best he has ever given. The Diplomad notes that President Bush, more than any other president in recent years, is willing to take the big, gutsy risks that must be taken, even when they are political suicide. Can you imagine Clinton liberating Iraq and Afghanistan? Or Bush the Elder? Reagan had the courage, but his style was much less aggressive. Carter... well... can they take his portrait down soon from the wall, or will someone have to burn it?

Leo Strauss was a firm believer in the classical idea that the purpose of politics is to inspire the people to do great deeds, greater than would have been done on their own. George W. Bush, a man who seemed completely underwhelming when he first took office, has been revealed as a true heroic leader in the best traditions of the ancients. He may lack the eloquence of Pericles, but Bush has every measure of his determination and resolve.

May God continue to grant the President wisdom and strength. We still have great need of them.

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