Condi in 2008?

Almost forgot to mention this...

Some have speculated for a while on a possible Presidential bid for Condoleeza Rice, presently Secretary of State. I always thought of a Rice candidacy as something that would be very cool, but very unlikely.

It seems, however, that the grassroots noise is picking up strength, and is being noticed in high places.

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Sec. Rice has so far said nothing about running; on the other hand, she has not said that she will not run. Furthermore, it is difficult to find someone more qualified than a former provost of Stanford University who served as National Security Advisor, is presently serving as Secretary of State, is fluent in Russian and a brilliant international-affairs specialist. Just about her only areas of inexperience are in domestic policy, and in winning elections. Which is why the latest rumors have it that she is slated to replace Dick Cheney as VP, to ease her into the role.

I don't know what would be better about a President Rice: having such a competent and knowledgeable person in office, or watching the extreme Left implode as their barely-submerged racism comes out into the open. (Don't believe me? See for yourself.)

(UPDATE: Some of the links in the last page are out of date. But enough of them link to the original cartoons that you can see the general trend.)

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