I was bemused when I saw that our newest and most lethal attack submarine has been named the USS Jimmy Carter. Fortunately, Scrappleface has cleared up much of my confusion: "Jimmy Carter Attack Sub Armed With Nerf Missiles"

That would help explain this quote from the original article:
Carter said he expects the crew to use the submarine's "extraordinary capabilities — many top secret — to preserve peace, to protect our country and to keep high the banner of human rights around the world."
Can you imagine the razzing that those poor sailors are going to get from the rest of the military? That's like being on a British ship named for Neville Chamberlain! Oh, maaaaan...

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Ferdinand T Cat said...

It is truly amazing how much creativity this one particular sub has stimulated on the right side of the blogosphere. I also really liked IMAO's excepts from the Captain's Log: http://www.imao.us/archives/002698.html. If this sub didn't exist, we would have to invent it.