Gary Brolsma is a Genuis


A lot of people are talking about the "Numa Numa" lip-synching video by 19-year-old Gary Brolsma; it has received over two million hits in the last few weeks. The New York Times claims that it is popular because it is so bad. I beg to differ; I think that it is a true masterpiece. Everyone I know can't stop watching, and cracking up every time. The eyebrow action especially is dead on.

The poor kid has been snowed under by his sudden fame. So I would just like to express my appreciation for his work. Don't listen to the Times, Gary; we think you're awesome!



Anonymous said...

dude i so agree with u i love the song and i think the video is awesome!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting ... the people who say the video is bad are nobodies trying to become somebody off of someone who is somebody by his cool video.

Anonymous said...

Dude you are truly the coolest. don't listen to those idiots who think ur bad, you are absalutely the best. i'm gonna like set up a shrine for you in my room or something.