Thank You, Weblog Awards!

The 2005 Weblog Awards have just announced their finalists in the various awards categories. In each category, blogs could be nominated by anyone (including their authors) and fifteen would be chosen as finalists. I submitted my blog under the Best of the Rest category, and am proud to say that Critical Mastiff is one of the finalists!

(See, getting hardly any traffic can be a good thing…)

Tomorrow, the voting begins. So now I am appealing to you, my loyal readers… as well as the casual readers, apathetic readers, amused readers, and annoyed readers. Votes can be cast once in each category, EVERY DAY! Which means that the old maxim "Vote early, vote often" definitely applies. Now, the other nominated blogs are quite good, so take the chance to check them out first. Afterwards, you can vote for me anyway.

I will be posting reminders every day at the end of my posts, so take a few moments and do your blogospheric duty, starting tomorrow!

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