The Price of Conspiracy Theories

War protesters lied, people died:
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee said Thursday in a new report that Iraq's economy appears to be stabilizing.

However, major work remains to be done, particularly with Iraq's vast oil reserves, the country's primary source of income. The United States purposefully avoided investing in the oil export sector to the detriment of Iraq's reconstruction.

"In order not to look as if we had designs on Iraqi oil, the United States has foregone meaningful investment in the one area that would have made the biggest difference, namely Iraq's oil-exporting infrastructure," the study states.
In other words, the accelerated stability of Iraq was sacrificed, directly contributing to the deaths of Iraqi soldiers and civilians and our own troops, for fear that actually doing what needed to be done would be seized on by our enemies to further impugn the United States, and make our eventual victory less likely.

Are you proud of yourselves, o champions of peace?

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