Syria-Iran Cooperation

Debkafile reports that elite Iranian units have taken up positions in Lebanon alongside Syrian intelligence forces. They have also beefed up Syria's border with Israel.

I don't know just how far to go with this. Debka has been wrong about some things, and rather spectacularly so at times, but in general they seem to catch things months before any of the major news sources. The only thing that would surprise me about Iranian troops in Lebanon and Syria is that Assad must be very desperate to place so much trust in a country that despises the Ba'ath Party. If I were Iran, I'd consolidate my position and then depose Assad and install a puppet regime in Damascus.

On the other hand, it would show just how desperate Assad is getting. Which is good, I suppose. Except that Iran gets a major geopolitical boost, and more direct access to their point-men, the Hizbullah.


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