Proud Member of the McCain-Feingold Insurrection

The Geek with a .45 has asked bloggers to post statements of defiance against the new threat to free expression. I am only too happy to oblige.

If the FEC wants to shut down this blog, they can bite me. If someone decides that I am violating campaign-finance laws by linking to candidates' sites, he can jump in a lake. If they are so desperate to stifle the voice of the people that they threaten mass arrests, then they'd better come with A LOT of backup, because there will be a lot of us to arrest.

This blog will continue, and I will write whatever the hell I feel like writing, and I will link to whoever the hell I feel like linking to, for as long as I have access to the Internet.

[Edited to remove a few "youthful indiscretions."]

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Anonymous said...

Dear Oren
I've been reading your blog and notice your pro Bush stance. I wrote you a while ago and notice not one peep in response. What's the matter , kid, can't take a difference of opinion.