The Canaries Start Singing

Roger L. Simon gives a sneak peek of the information presented to Paul Volcker's commission investigating the UN "Oil for Food" program, particularly from one Pierre Mouselli, the business partner of Kojo Annan. If the official report contains a tenth of the stuff that Roger has posted, Kofi is dead in the water. Mouselli testified that he and Kojo specifically met with Dear Daddy to inform him about their business arrangement, and to "get his blessing."

Check it out. Small wonder that Kofi has been reportedly struggling with acute depression in the last week. If I knew that the world was about to discover that I was a corrupt scumbag who let tens of thousands of children starve to death so that my cronies could skim the cream, I'd be pretty depressed too.

It is long past time for Kofi to resign. Every minute he stays as Secretary General is a stain on the record of the United Nations, which seems to be nothing more than an unending series of stains lately. If the UN is to have any sort of function in the world at all, it must clean house; and Kofi should be the first to go.

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Jack's Shack said...

Kofi made his bed. Now he can lie in it.