Homeward Bound (And China Too!)

Early tomorrow I'll be heading to the airport to head home for the holidays, so I'll be spending much of tonight packing. To keep you occupied, check out this truly awe-inspiring post about China's military options from Winds of Change (hat tip: Instapundit). If you have the time, read through some of the documents that it links to, they are excellent.

China is becoming more and more worrying, when you put together the recent episodes of Japan-bashing, the resolution authorizing invasion of Taiwan, and the massive military buildup of the past several years. It could be that containment was the right strategy to follow after all, and not economic engagement. Unfortunately, we are too far in to back out now. All we can do is intensify our efforts to undermine the Communist government and hope that it collapses before China starts throwing its weight around.

That's all for now. Have a happy and healthy Passover, and (more generally) a happy and healthy year. Some rumblings from Israel's mystical community indicate that ths year may end up being happier than most, but I'm not at all qualified to comment beyond that. Have fun!

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Asher Litwin said...

Oh, you tease! grrrr... you are SO gonna deserve the whupping I give ya when I see you tomorrow... errr, tonight. Eeesh, 1:30 in the morning... sleep time!