The massacre of Beslan

The latest news from Beslan in Russia is that over three hundred hostages were killed, over half of whom were children. I lack the words to truly express my horror and pain for the dead, and my rage at and revulsion for the murderers who did this. But I'll take a stab at it anyway:

These cannibals have shown themselves to be outcast from the human race. When al-Qa'ida said that they reserved the right to kill two million children, the naive among us considered it hyperbole; after all, who would be so barbaric as to deliberately kill children? Now we know, beyond the capacity of even the most delusional pacifist to explain away. Anyone who conducts such acts has lost the right to continue breathing, and it is the duty of all inhabitants of the earth to purify this world by eradicating these scum from it. Furthermore, anyone who IN ANY WAY gives aid and comfort to these spawn of Murder Incarnate is just as guilty as one who knowingly assists in the spread of the Black Death. There can be no quarter given. There can be no "nuance," no "sensitivity," no institutional procrastination, no waiting on the sufferance of the United Nations which has shown itself unworthy of the very color of its flag. (Blue is the color of exaltedness, not of nepotism, corruption, indifference to savagery and bloodshed, and obstruction of those who wish to defend human life.)

To those who wish for peace and justice, the hand of friendship. To those who wish for murder and rule by violence, the sword of annihilation. There can be no other way.

(Deep breath now...)

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Anonymous said...

I am shocked that there is not even one reply to your article. The sub-human filth and their supporters need to be tracked down and removed from the face of the Earth.