Editorial Policies are a Pain

I just wrote a post on *certain events going on in Russia having to do with the disruption of education* and apparently Google has a policy of enforcing a blackout on posts about tragic events for an indeterminate period. Probably a good idea, since my post was rather vengeful. I'll try to be a little more vague this time.

I think that those who did this made a huge mistake. Russia is not exactly known for their "nuanced," "sensitive" responses toward these kinds of things. I would not be surprised if their attitude toward Israel makes a dramatic turnaround as well. This may well turn out to be a crucial turning point in "al-Harb ila irhaab" (synonym: campaign on fear).

I need to do something about Google's choice of content for the sidebar. At the moment, they seem to think that this is a Eco-freak site, and are assigning content accordingly. How can I tell them that I like the Jewish religion, policy analysis and electoral politics, Israel, military strategy, fiction and literature, music, animals, Israel, the Libertarian Party, the Boy Scouts of America, individual responsibility, investing and financial management, education, politics, and Ralph Vaughn Williams?

Oh yeah ;-) Let's see if that helps.

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