Interesting doings

Absolutely delicious. Kerry had a photo-op over the weekend at a gun club, and took several pictures with a shotgun which would have been illegal if legislation he co-sponsored, S. 1431 in 2003, had become law. The Drudge Report has the story now. (By the way, Kerry wasn't wearing eye and ear protection, which makes it highly unlikely that he actually fired the shotgun.)

I'm off to Boston in two days for a conference by the Hartford Group. Should be interesting, even if it messes up my schedule. I'll see if I can blog it.

I finally got fed up with the Google ads and removed them. (Take that, geodesic domes!!) Now I have a recommended reading section, which I have complete control over. I'll be swapping out entries periodically.

Blogger has been having some technical difficulties in the past few days. I hope things even out, or I may end up switching hosts.

I'll have to start blogging less frquently, since I just sold my soul to the devil. Actually I signed up for the YCDS play again this semester, despite my firm commitment not to. But, they're doing "The Boiler Room," and there's a part that Doc picked out just for me, and I'm as helpless as a crack-addict. On the bright side, it really helps me focus on my homework. Hehe.

Good night all!

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