We Are All Londoners Now

Everyone, please pray for the brave people of London, which has just suffered a series of coordinated bombings on their subways and a bus. Casualty reports are still coming in, but this looks like it will be a very bad one. The bus bombing was apparently carried out by a suicide bomber. Al-Qa'ida in Europe has apparently claimed responsibility.

The war continues. It may continue for decades more.

"May there be made known among the nations, before our eyes, vengeance for the spilled blood of Your servants."

UPDATE [9:30]: Wretchard, in his comments section:
The good thing about fighting Islamic terrorism is that it creates its own feedback loop. Anytime you are misguided enough to think they are normal human beings they will disabuse you. And the trajectory is corrected. The important thing is to stay the course, in Iraq and elsewhere, until this movement is utterly, utterly destroyed.

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