As you no doubt have heard, the sixth Harry Potter book is being released tonight. That means that by about 5:00 AM Saturday morning, the internet will be flooded with spoilers.

I cannot purchase the book myself until Saturday night at the earliest, and with my schedule I don't know if I can finish the book until late Sunday or so. I will be cutting myself off from the net until I do, so posting will resume sometime next week.

In the meanwhile, I've been reading "Cryptonomicon" by Neal Stephenson. Stephenson's books have been pimped relentlessly by Instapundit and many other excellent blogs, and I can see why. His writing is very good, clever, and more than a little bit individualist in outlook. One of the characters has a typically annoying time getting through U.S. passport control, and as he leaves the airport he has an overwhelming urge to spend $10,000 at the nearest gunshop...

That's all for now. Happy HBP!

UPDATE: From a July 11 piece on Canada's health care system by Mark Steyn: "The trouble with most of the Big Ideas is that at heart they’re small, mean ideas applied on a huge scale."


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