Elections Have Begun

Voting for the Iraqi elections has already begun in Australia and the United States. I have been remiss in covering the elections, mostly because of the mountain of new books I am going through for my classes; but go to Instapundit and just keep scrolling, and clicking on other blogs that the Good Professor references. That should be a good start.

A point worth noting: even if the elections, or the new Iraqi government that arises from them, shoud prove to be a failure, it was still the right thing to do. A lamentable trend has arisen where pundits and talking heads rise up to attack any bold endeavour that should happen to fail. This is foolish and un-American. I use that term advisedly; America has always been built on enterprise, risk-taking, and audacity. When great risks are taken, they often result in great failures; that is simply the nature of the game. This modern insistence on absolute perfection, or else absolute inaction, is the product of a fantasy world. Worse, it discourages the sort of bold action needed to take on humanity's great challenges, in this and any age.

Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead.

And may God crown our soldiers with victory, deal justly with the evil men they oppose, and grant wisdom and a desire for peace to the new Iraqi government.

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