Blogroll Updates

I've reorganized my blogroll on the side of the page, and added a few new faces. Head, author of the Head's Bunker blog, was kind enough to link to me, and I'm returning the favor; Head writes about firearms and the politics of the Second Amendment. But I am especially interested by the Counterterrorism Blog, which has a truly eminent contributing staff that hails from prestigious think tanks and academic institutions (you can read their bios on the site). Given that I'm preparing to write a thesis on counterterrorism, I suspect that I will be a frequent visitor.

The Rubberstamp is written by one of my colleagues at school, and makes for a fun read. It's guaranteed to send 4 out of 5 pacifists into a coma.

If you have not read Instapundit, the Diplomad, Powerline, Captain's Quarters, or any of the other pundits, you should start today. They are among the towering giants of the blogosphere; my listing is by no means adequate, but from their blogs you can branch out into all corners of the web, and all of the amazing talent that it holds.

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