Get Ready for Hevel Havalim #16!

Soccer Dad has kindly asked me to host next week's edition of Hevel Havalim, "Vanity of Vanities," the Jewish blogosphere's official carnival. From now until midnight on Saturday, April 2, I'll be accepting submissions at: o r e n d o g [AT] y a h o o [DOT] c o m

Submissions should be related in some way to Israel, Jews, or Judaism. I will link to anything sent to me, no matter what position it espouses, unless the piece is genuinely offensive or incoherent. So please send in your stuff! You can also submit links to pieces that were written by someone else, if you think they are worth reading. Please include, at minimum, a link to the actual article and a short description.

The carnival post will go up sometime on April 3. Be sure to check back then!

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