And Now, For Some Shameless Self-Promotion

There's been a slight change to the layout of this blog. As you look on the right sidebar, you can now see a new section titled "My Books," with a pretty picture just underneath.

As one might surmise, this is because I have published a book—The Best Congress Money Can Buy, a collection of short stories about political possibility. It is presently available on Amazon Kindle and will be available in hardcopy as well within a week or two. The first story is available for free on the Amazon page (which you can access by clicking on the image in the sidebar) using the "Look Inside" feature. Check it out!

If you ever wanted to read about replacing taxation with crowdfunded governments, congressmen who sell their votes to the highest bidder, or what happens when prisons are replaced with workhouses, give my new book a try. Plus, if you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow the book for free on Kindle, and I get paid anyway—which is a pretty sweet deal.

God-willing, this will be the first of many publications. If you like it, please let people know by leaving a reader review on Amazon. Thank you all! Without my readers, I'm just another political nut talking to himself...

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