Da, Comrade!

Imagine my surprise, as I browsed through my inbound links at the Ecosystem site (see sidebar) to find that I have apparently been drafted into the Alliance of Communist Blogs!

This is certainly an unexpected honor, but I suppose I have to play the part now. Henceforth, no quarter will be given to capitalist running-dogs such as the Alliance of Free Blogs and their lackey the Right Hand of God who seek to undermine and subvert the glorious People's Republic of China. We join with our comrades in China to strike back against the capitalists' devious efforts to corrupt the youth with the evils of religion and free speech.

Victory to the proletariat!

(Ps: Now's as good a time as any to add Basil's Blog to my sidebar. He's been linking to me for forever, and he's funny as all heck.)

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