My Former Classmate is a Marine

This evening we ran into the parents of a student who went to my high school. He is a few years younger than me, and if we were not close friends, we got along. He also enrolled at my college in New York and was there for at least a semester by the time I left. His parents told us that he had "ran off and joined the Marine Corps." The mother proudly showed us a wallet-sized photo of her son in his Marine dress uniform.

Looking at that picture left me profoundly humbled. Here is a young man whose family is doing well for themselves, who did quite well in school and was attending college among a community which is not anti-military, exactly, but where the military just doesn't occur to people as an option. Yet he decided to give up his comforts and enlist in the Marines.

May God bless him and safeguard him, and guide his weapons true.

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