Gotcha: Saddam was Financing al-Qaida Affiliate

But, but, but surely Saddam had no connection to al-Qaida!

Read it and weep, useful idiots of the Jihad. John Negroponte finally got moving after the President gave him a direct order to release as many documents as he could, from the vast hoard of intelligence captured in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the documents is a fax to Baghdad from the Iraqi ambassador to the Philippines, outlining their previous financial and material support for the deadly Salafist terror group Abu Sayyaf. (Abu Sayyaf has had operational links to al-Qaida in the past.) As if we needed more proof of Saddam's involvement in terrorism, given his public support for Abu Nidal, the Palestine Liberation Front, and his paying stipends to the families of suicide bombers.

As for that absurd pseudo-argument stating that Saddam could never have worked with Islamist terrorists, since he was secular: remember that the saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" originated in Arabic. And Saddam showed no compunctions about using Islam to buttress his own authority.

That sound you hear is a million "Bush lied" drones frantically shoving their fingers deeper into their ears.


sgtroth said...

Oooooh, what a revelation there mastiff. What do you think you're drudge or someone? Hahaha.

As for the war, it might be over by now if more "patriots" like yourself would stop "fighting" via posting blogs and actually enlist. What? Too scared to enlist? Thought so.

Oh and PS: Your blog sucks. Coward.

Mastiff said...

You amuse me, sgtroth, and I happen to be bored right now, so I will feed the trolls this time.

My intent was not to be Drudge, but to make this little tidbit available to my small audience, some of whom I know would not learn about it from their other reading.

And actually, if you read Robert Kaplan's Imperial Grunts, he argues rather emphatically that we have too many troops in Iraq for a true counterinsurgency campaign, and that most of the troops we have their are being tied up just to support their own logistical tail.

Though as it happens, I was interested in enlisting; unfortunately, I would never make it through Basic. While I understand why the military wants all of their soldiers to have gone through Basic, even paper-pushers, they do lose out on some goog people that way. But not to worry; while I complete my Master's degree in Security Studies, I'll be looking for an internship in the DOD or NID. "They also serve who only stand and wait." (In case you don't get the reference, it's by John Milton. You may have heard of him?)

Oh and PS: Your blog sucks. Coward.

In the harsh pure light of your devastating words of truth, I am made faint. My heart shrinks from the knowledge of my failure, and the very soul within me is lief to expel itself from this unworthy body, for fear of being forever tainted by the corruption of its unparalleled cowardice. In the midst of my degradation, I still summon the strength to cry out thanks to you, sgtroth, oh glorious sgtroth, for making known to me the depths of my mediocrity. How can I ever repay you?