To Each According to His Needs?

A recent study by the Boston Consulting Co. says that 60% of private wealth in China is concentrated in the hands of 0.6% of the population.
—J. Christoph Amberger, executive publisher of the Taipan Group's "Dynamic Market Alert"

(By comparison, the wealthiest 1% of Americans had 33.4% of the United States's net worth in 2001, and 39.7% of America's financial wealth. Not sure what this proves, but interesting nonetheless.)

(Addendum: the figures in the above link that the esteemed G. William Donhoff is hyperventilating over, it seems to me, simply illustrate the 20/80 Rule, i.e. that 20% of people account for 80% of the results in any setting. This should hardly come as a surprise to him.)

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