All Hell Breaks Loose

Bad news from all quarters in Israel today. First, Palestinian terror groups have attacked the Egyptian border guards and torn down the border at Rafah. In the chaos, at least several hundred people crossed into Gaza; some of them were probably civilians, but we have no way of knowing who else was let in. The Palestinians are playing this down as internal politicking, but I can't imagine that attacking the soldiers of your most immediate patron would be done lightly. My first read is that people needed to get in, who could not have done so legitimately. Expect to see major escalations in the terror attacks in Gaza, both against Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Second, Ariel Sharon has suffered another stroke, this one much more serious. You all know that I don't care for the man much (though I certainly wouldn't wish him ill), but this has thrown the Israeli government into disorder at the worst time imaginable. Israel must now deal with anarchy to the south, an increasingly paranoid Syria to the north, and Iran's ever-nearer nuclear capability. We all need to pray for the Israeli government now, especially for acting prime minister Ehud Olmert—in particular, that they receive the wisdom and courage that they have so sorely lacked in recent years.

Now, I think, it is more important than ever that we each take stock of our own actions, and fashion ourselves into better people. Only part of this struggle is fought with weapons; remember that during Amalek's attack on the Children of Israel in the desert, the warriors succeeded only when they had the prayers and deeds of the people to strengthen them. So too in our time. Take courage, and hope to God.

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