Courting Disaster

Lately, the nation has witnessed a series of tremendous storms that continue to ravage the country, leveling all other activity before their gale-force winds.

In other news, we've been getting a lot of hurricanes.

Sadly, I was referring above to the present meltdown over the Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court. A lot of people have had a lot of problems with her nomination, but things have gone far past tragedy and are rapidly becoming farce. Yesterday, when the Senate Judicial Committee read through her fifty-page questionnaire on issues of jurisprudence, they found it inadequate (and even "insulting" according to Senator Specter) and demanded that she do it over!

This isn't a college essay, this was a preparatory piece for becoming Supreme Court justice! This isn't supposed to be happening. How President Bush could have had the gall to nominate such a profoundly unqualified candidate to the bench is completely beyond my comprehension.

By this point, Miers has the distinction of having bipartisan opposition. It will only get worse once the confirmation hearings begin in earnest. Do us all a favor, Mr. President, and just end the misery. Next time try Judge Janice Rogers Brown.

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